Bitcoin Nears “Danger Zone” Before Halving Event


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, the crypto markets are currently witnessing a significant period of flux. At the heart of this tumultuous market movement is Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, which has recently seen its value slide from the dizzying heights of a record-breaking $73,000. This descent from its all-time peak has catalyzed a cacophony of speculations swirling around the asset’s short-term trajectory. The ebb and flow of Bitcoin’s fortunes is a saga closely watched by enthusiasts and investors alike, setting the tone for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In the days preceding this dispatch, a palpable sense of unease has blanketed the crypto markets as Bitcoin’s dip has precipitated a retrenchment across various digital currencies. Against the backdrop of these developments, the Bitcoin Halving event looms on the horizon, an occurrence that traditionally holds substantial sway over the cryptocurrency’s valuation. As this pivotal event draws near, a chorus of crypto analysts is bracing for what they foresee as an imminent downturn in Bitcoin’s price value.

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The prelude to the Halving event has been cast in a perturbing light by Rekt Capital, a popular cryptocurrency trader and respected market analyst. Sharing his insights with the crypto community via the social media platform X, he posits that Bitcoin is perched on the precipice of a “Danger Zone.” This ominous term has been coined to describe a phase of heightened vulnerability and market volatility as seen in historical precedents prior to previous Halving milestones.

Bearing witness to the recent ebbing of Bitcoin’s valuation, the expert prognosticator notes an anticipatory drop in the days leading up to the Halving event—a traditionally treacherous interval where past retracements have signified looming market corrections for the celebrated digital asset. According to the sage advice of Rekt Capital, in a scant two days, Bitcoin will formally stride into the forewarned Danger Zone. This period has been the harbinger of retractions prior to past Halvings, which are set to recur this April, potentially heralding a savage squall within the crypto markets.

Delving into the annals of Bitcoin’s storied past, Rekt Capital elucidates that such pre-halving retracements have historically manifested within a span of 14 to 28 days before the event. For instance, in the run-up to the Halving of 2016, the cryptocurrency underwent a drastic reduction of about 40% in its market value. A similar scenario unfolded in 2020 when Bitcoin experienced a precipitous fall exceeding 40% as the Halving approached. As the gears of time turn towards this year’s Halving, within the crucible of the present, Bitcoin’s valuation has already conceded over 11% in just the past week, potentially portending a more severe downward correction in the weeks to come.

Rekt Capital’s post illuminates this pattern, explicitly signaling the timeline of past pre-Halving retracements and situating Bitcoin within this historical context. The post reads:

"In 2 days, Bitcoin will officially enter the 'Danger Zone' (orange) where historical Pre-Halving Retraces have begun. Historically, Bitcoin has performed Pre-Halving Retraces 14-28 days before the Halving. In 2020, this retrace was -20% deep, and in 2016, this retrace was -40% deep. Currently, BTC is 30 days away from the Halving and has pulled back -11% this week."

Building upon this narrative, the crypto guru has previously nailed down a timeframe for Bitcoin’s zenith in this bull cycle. With robust conviction, Rekt Capital projects that the peak will materialize within a 280-350 day window, which could see the pinnacle occurring around mid-December of this year, or possibly extending into the heart of February next year.

As if this tale were segmented into chapters, the analyst brings forth a delineation of four distinct phases framing the tempo to the upcoming Bitcoin Halving. These stages encompass the Pre-Halving Rally, Final Pre-Halving Retrace, Re-accumulation, and the zenith – the Parabolic Uptrend. Notably, the pre-halving rally often graces the market approximately 60 days before the Halving, followed by the final pre-halving retrace materializing around a fortnight to four weeks prior to the event. After the asset endures the precipitation of the Pre-Halving pullback, it historically enters a phase of multi-month re-accumulation, ultimately paving the way for the crescendo of the cycle—the parabolic uptrend.

As the story of Bitcoin’s undulating journey continues to be chronicled with bated breath by the observers of the cryptocurrency world, it currently trades, with an air of trepid anticipation, at $68,369 on the 1D chart, according to BTCUSDT on The markets watch and wait, as the digital currency navigates its path through the machinations of supply, demand, and the inexorable march towards another historical Halving event.