Bitcoin Dip Signaling Impending Soar, Predicts Crypto Titan


On Friday, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, witnessed a 3.06% dip in its price, plunging to a low of $60,372.36, according to data from CoinMarketCap. This descent has put the crypto market’s stalwart in a period of consolidation. Nonetheless, a trading analyst, known in the virtual crypto community as “Titan of Crypto,” is unshakeably optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential to rally post-halving.

Titan of Crypto took to social media platform X on Friday, posting a series of bullish predictions about Bitcoin’s impending market performance. Despite the price decline—the analyst noted—Bitcoin’s daily timeframe was drawing a bullish picture. Keen observers could see the shape of a bullish engulfing candle—a signal that indicates a possible shift from a downtrending pattern to an uptrending one. In other words, Bitcoin’s fall could be making room for an unexpected soar.

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The bullish engulfing candle is identified when a larger bullish candle subsumes a previous smaller bearish one. Titan of Crypto argued that this essentially highlights an imminent transition from a bear-driven downtrend to a bull-dominated uptrend.

Basing his prediction on Bitcoin’s historical performance, Titan of Crypto further stated that Bitcoin is on the brink of a gargantuan post-halving price surge. He claimed that the surge, aligning with the trends of the past, is “inevitable,” He explained in his post:

"To make sense of the present, one must delve into the past. If the past is any indicator, there has never been a time when Bitcoin has not rallied post-halving."

The analyst acknowledged that Bitcoin’s short-term price movements can be quite “confusing.” Even so, he envisages a long-term upward trajectory for Bitcoin. Drawing on the patterns of previous post-halving rallies, Titan of Crypto anticipates the cryptocurrency hitting a staggering $150,000 by 2025.

Simultaneously, blockchain analytics website Santiment projected that Bitcoin’s decrease in price is nearing its endpoint. The crypto token, suggests Santiment, is close to hitting a “bottom”—the lowest point in a market plunge at which the price comes to an impasse and then starts augmenting exponentially.

This remarked prediction appears to be predicated on the lessening dip-buying activity among Bitcoin investors. Santiment highlighted that, post-Friday’s fall, the trading interest in Bitcoin was significantly below the metrics tied to earlier price drops.

As of the time this report was written, Bitcoin is trading around $60,968, marking a total price drop of 3.26% over the last seven days. In the month-scale chart, the cryptocurrency is still bepainted in red, denoting a drop of $13.64%. Notwithstanding, Bitcoin’s daily trading volume has seen a 9.73% spike, clocking in at about $27.88 billion. As the crypto community monitors Bitcoin’s price, the big question remains: Will Bitcoin skyrocket to the predicted heights, or will it continue to play out in red? Only time will tell.