Bitcoin Defies Trends, Remains Bullish Amid Predicted Third Quarter Slump


As of the current press release, Bitcoin continues in its bullish uptrend, rejecting any attempts to push it to lower lows, in spite of experiencing a rather significant slump of about 20 percent in June. But despite this minor setback, a glimmer of hope remains that the trajectory of Bitcoin prices will soon climb higher.

Yet, the path of Bitcoin is not without its challenges. One particular analyst observes that Bitcoin seems to be traversing a tightrope. Should buyers gain dominance, it means that Bitcoin would be going against the grain of its historical trends that have held steady for the past five years. Bitcoin would have to defy expectations by climbing into the green by as early as September in order to maintain control.

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According to consolidated price data from the past five years, the third quarter (Q3) of 2023 may present a particularly concerning picture. An analyst points out that historical data reveals a propensity for Bitcoin’s worth to dip in the third quarter, with it usually giving a negative return on investment (ROI) averaging about -5.21 percent. If this trend repeats itself, it could imply that even while remaining steady at the time of writing, Bitcoin may likely undergo a devaluation below its current worth.

As apparent from recent price charts, buyers maintain control, particularly thanks to the profit gains in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024. Here, the prices for Bitcoin escalated to an unprecedented height before a required correction brought them down to $56,800. But despite the rectification, the bulls are still finding it challenging to hold their momentum – beleaguered by the bears that unyieldingly force the prices downwards, time and time again.

Possibly worth noting here is the somewhat ambitious prediction by an analyst who, despite the typical third quarter bearish trend for Bitcoin, forecasts optimism for the future. Basing his prediction on the concept of ‘power law’, the analyst expresses a belief that Bitcoin may even ascend to a whopping $300,000 by 2025. A forecast that is several times higher than current spot rates, this prediction is quite optimistic indeed.

The ‘power law’ theory gives importance to fundamentals. The analyst explains that when one incorporates a predictable growth pattern for Bitcoin based on its network activity, the only direction for the coin is upwards. In fact, it’s interesting to note that Bitcoin prices have adhered to the ‘power law’ for over a decade, demonstrating that the inherent value of the coin remains unaffected by market speculation.

Additionally, there are other signs that support this potential for continued growth. IntoTheBlock data indicates an increase in the number of active Bitcoin addresses, representative of levels not seen since mid-April. Similarly, Eric Balchunas, an ETF analyst, mentions strong inflows to spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), despite recent price drops. This suggests that investors remain confident of a price uptrend, undeterred by short-term price oscillations.

Further, recent data also suggests that many of the top 25 hedge funds in the United States have started to introduce Bitcoin into their portfolios as institutions continue to take an active interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs.