Bitcoin Breaches $43K as ETF Inflows Surge


In a striking development for the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has once again breached the $43,000 threshold. This recent appreciation in value can be traced to the easing of selling pressure from asset manager Grayscale. Amidst a vibrant landscape of trading, Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) experienced a robust reversal during their twelfth day, witnessing a remarkable occurrence where inflows eclipsed outflows.

This trend has not gone unnoticed, as Fidelity and Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETFs, FBTC and IBIT, have collectively recorded an infusion of $400 million. The market is taking note of these pivotal shifts.

James Mullarney, a market expert, has observed a noteworthy decline in the selling pressure from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), with a palpable deceleration in the sale of GBTC shares. When analyzing the twelfth trading day, Mullarney pinpointed a remarkable increase of $256 million, an influx that has been celebrated as the third-largest in the history of Bitcoin ETFs in terms of net money movement.

The introduction of novel Bitcoin ETFs has poured an additional $1 billion into the exchange-traded space, estimated to have introduced around 25,000 Bitcoin into circulation. Collectively, the new ETFs have consolidated their stake in the market, amassing a grand total of 150,000 BTC.

However, not all segments of the crypto ecosystem are reveling in bullish sentiments. Miners, traditionally known for their HODLing tendencies, have displayed an increasing desire to sell. Data from CryptoQuant indicates that the volume of Bitcoin flowing from miner-owned wallets to open spot exchanges has hit levels not seen since May of the previous year. With over 4,000 Bitcoin involved, this reflects a selling pressure of roughly $173 million.

Yet, the market appears to be exhibiting a composed attitude in absorbing this selling pressure from miners. CryptoQuant notes that despite this uptick in miner-associated transactions, their reserves have stayed consistent since January’s commencement, urging caution against interpreting these movements hastily as a bearish “dump” by miners.

Meanwhile, the cryptoverse has been abuzz with speculations on Bitcoin’s price trajectory. A significant voice in this realm is CryptoCon, a renowned crypto analyst, who has issued a word of caution to those swayed by the belief that the current Bitcoin cycle is markedly different from past iterations. With a historical viewpoint, CryptoCon underlined that the launch of Bitcoin ETFs has, more often than not, aligned with local peaks rather than immediate record highs.

Drawing on patterns observed across three completed cycles and the fourth that is currently in progress, CryptoCon stressed the importance of historical precedent over projections of unprecedented market behavior. Anticipating a phase of lateral movement following the ongoing correction, which brought BTC’s value down to $38,500, the analyst proposes a potential early peak by June 2024.

Looking further ahead, CryptoCon suggests that after November 28th, 2024, the crypto community may witness the emergence of new all-time highs, with the cycle’s zenith predicted to fall within a 21-day window around November 28th, 2025. This forecast, dampened with a hint of skepticism about exact dates, leaves investors parsing through cycles and charts as Bitcoin strives to chart its course through unsteady waters.


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