Birthday Girl Strikes Gold with Stunning 2.95-Carat Diamond Find at Arkansas Park


A fortuitous young girl received the birthday surprise of a lifetime—a spectacular 2.95-carat golden-brown diamond—during her outing in Arkansas. Celebrating her seventh birthday, the fledgling gem enthusiast chanced upon her sparkling treasure at the renowned Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

The discovery marked by Aspen Brown on September 1 was monumental in the provisions of the park, registering as the second-largest find by a visitor this year. Leading the chart remains a 3.29-carat brown diamond, unearthed in March.

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Accompanied by her father and grandmother, Brown was commemorating her birthday at the park. It was during a leisurely stroll along a pathway on the northeast of the search area when she spotted a pea-sized gem and picked it up.

Park officials, upon inspection, confirmed that the dazzling gem Brown had found was indeed a diamond. Park assistant superintendent Waymon Cox extolled the rare find, describing it as a golden-brown diamond imbibing a radiant luster. Emphasizing its specific traits, Cox noted that it was a complete crystal with identical facets and a small crevice on one side, a characteristic mark of natural formation. Dubbing it as one of the most beautiful diamonds he had encountered in recent years, Cox was all praises about the remarkable discovery.

However, young Aspen is not alone in her pursuit of diamond discovery, given the frequent instances of visitors stumbling upon diamonds almost daily at the park. The site has a riveting history linked with the precious stone, with more than 75,000 diamonds having been discovered since the first identification by a local farmer.

The treasure trove, widely known as the Crater of Diamonds, is a 37-acre field open to visitors. It is the weathered surface of a volcanic crater, boasting of unique geography that includes diamonds amongst a medley of other precious gemstones like amethysts and garnets. Accordingly, this captivating geology comes into play, attracting budding gemologists like Aspen Brown and experienced treasure seekers alike, leading to exciting finds just waiting to be discovered.