Biloxi Man Gets Life for Brutal Murder Attempt at Casino Cover-up


In a gruesome tale that seems to be drawn straight from a chilling suspense novel, a Biloxi man named Clint Brower ended up committing a horrifying act of violence against a total stranger. The man’s weapons of choice were not machinery or firearms, but his own hands and a butcher’s knife, with which he stabbed Micah Harrison, a father and local individual, approximately thirty times, resulting in partial dismemberment.

Shortly after committing the horrific deed, Brower was found as he struggled to transport the lifeless body of this poor soul towards the local gambling establishment, the popular Beau Rivage Casino. Chillingly, Brower confessed that his intentions were to take his victim to the casino in the hopes that someone there could miraculously “put [the victim] together again.”

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During Brower’s sentencing hearing that took place on a humdrum Monday, June 3rd, at Harrison County Circuit Court, startling details were revealed about the mental state of the accused during this horrifying incident. His attorney argued that Brower was battling grave mental disturbances when he brutally attacked Harrison, aged 41, in a seemingly innocuous location — the RV Park laundromat — during the fateful month of May in 2020.

Unable to deny his involvement, Brower entered a guilty plea to the charge of first-degree murder, resulting in a life sentence for the appalling crime.

The more in-depth details surrounding the bruality of the event were gathered from security footage from the scene of the crime. The video footage showed a brief exchange between the two men, which rapidly escalated when Brower pulled out a butcher’s knife from a bag, initiating an unthinkable attack on Harrison, an unsuspecting father.

Mr. Brower, during the hearing, explained to Judge Lisa Dodson that he viewed Harrington as a threat intending to harm both him and others. As shared by his attorney, the defendant has been plagued by mental health issues since his adolescence.

Post the attack, Brower switched his bloodied clothes in his trailer, only to return to the crime scene, leashing a rope around the lifelessly still body of Harrington. It was then that Brower attempted to haul his victim towards the Beau Rivage, a place almost ten miles away from where they were. Luckily, onlookers intervened, informing the police who promptly apprehended Brower.

Quite shockingly, Biloxi police had interacted with Brower mere hours before the fatal incident, owing to an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct against him. He had been released and even escorted back to the RV park.

The hasty release of the mentally unstable Brower stirred the families of both the victim and the perpetrator, questioning why the police allowed him to go so quickly. The police defended their actions, stating that at the time of his release, Brower appeared calm, lucid, and non-threatening.

The family later shared a heartfelt account of Harrison’s life, revealing his successful battle against alcohol and drug addiction and subsequent commitment to his construction job. They remembered a man dedicated to his daughter, who had made significant changes in his life for the better.

During his emotionally charged sentencing, Brower offered remorseful apologies to Harrison’s family, expressing his deeply regretful sentiments, a stark contrast to his horrifying actions. He claimed the events were “beyond his control,” as he left the courtroom to serve his life sentence.