Billy Ray Cyrus Files for Divorce: Fraud Allegations Loom Over Short-Lived Marriage


In a startling turn of events, celebrated country musician Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, has initiated divorce proceedings against his younger singer wife Johanna Rose Hodges, known by her stage name Firerose. The brief marital journey, lasting a mere seven months, is now set to dissolve in a Nashville courtroom, based on documents filed on May 22.

Cyrus, best known for his contribution to the music industry, points to “inappropriate marital conduct” and “irreconcilable differences” as significant aspects fueling his decision. More dramatically, the court documents hint at an annulment bid rooted in accusations of fraud perpetrated by the 36-year-old Hodges. Cyrus maintains that had he been privy to the alleged deception, he would not have taken the matrimonial plunge. Yet, the specifics of the alleged marital misconduct or fraud remain ambiguous, with no further illumination offered in the filing. Nonetheless, Cyrus has clearly stated his expectations: both parties should retain ownership of their separate properties.

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Despite attempts to seek more insights into the matter, representatives for both Cyrus and Hodges have remained unreachable for comment. The unfolding saga of this marital breakdown was first brought to light on Tuesday by TMZ.

Previously living in musical harmony in Tennessee, the duo had tied the knot in October 2023 and their relationship had spawned several musical collaborations. Their affable relationship was often on display on their social media accounts. In a touching post on Instagram marking their six months of togetherness, Hodges had noted how life was easier when your spouse was also your best friend, an acknowledgment she thanked the Lord for.

Yet, the silence from both parties on their social media platforms regarding the impending divorce is now ringing louder than words.

This will be the third time that Cyrus navigates the muddied waters of divorce. His notable previous marriage to Tish Cyrus spanned an expansive timeframe of nearly 30 years, during which they parented five children, including their well-known musician and actor daughter, Miley Cyrus. The couple had previously navigated the rocky terrains of potential divorce on two occasions, but decided against it in 2010 and 2013.

However, it was their 2022 divorce that splintered family ties and ignited a media firestorm. This estrangement was poignantly highlighted earlier this year. When Miley made her debut on the Grammy stage as a winner, her acceptance speech thanked her family and prominently featured her mother, who was in attendance. However, it was glaringly devoid of gratitudes for her erstwhile ‘Hannah Montana’ co-star and father, Billy Ray Cyrus, painting a telling picture of the family dynamics.