Bikers get blessing from Beaconsfield Arch Deacon


by Rhonda Massad

After traffic discouraged some bikers to give up their pilgrimage to Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal to have their motorcycles blessed this summer,  some bikers landed up at Christ Church Beaurepaire in Beaconsfield where they found one of their own, Arch Deacon of St. Lawrence, Michael Earl Johnson to bless their machines.

Bikers were offered a special blessing at Saint Joseph’s Oratory but when faced with more than two hours of traffic some bikers gave up the quest and decided to look for a local pastor to take care of the blessing. They lucked out when they came upon a fellow biker Father Micheal Earl Johnson who was more than pleased to pray on their behalf.

More than ten bikers gathered in the Beaurepaire Village in Beaconfield to pray to the higher powers for safe route in their future travels.

Last year Father Johnson aka Motopilgrim, took a three month sabbatical from church duties to ride across the United States covering more than nine thousand miles.

He also participates in the Ride Against Hunger in support of On Rock Community Services.

“I guess they found the right guy. They caught me just as I was heading home,” Johnson told The Suburban in an interview.  “So I hopped on the Goldwing and joined them at the new Miss Mannits Bakery and Café in the village. What a great bonus to my day.”


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