Biggleswade Man Convicted for Brutal Murder of Partner, Faked Victim’s Alive Status


Matthew Waddell, a 35-year-old male resident of Winston Crescent, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, has been convicted of murder in a horrific display of brutality, that saw his significant other’s life brutally extinguished. His partner and mother-of-three, Sarah Albone, became the unwitting victim of his unbridled rage. Reporting Waddell to the police on at least two previous occasions, Sarah, unfortunately, did not escape her fatal end at his hands.

Sarah’s body was tragically discovered on February 25, after her concerned family reported her absence. In an attempt to shroud his heinous act, Waddell had endeavoured to maintain the illusion of her being alive, exploiting her phone and bank card for his purposes. Even though he pleaded innocence, the jury at Luton Crown Court returned a guilty verdict.

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The macabre remnant of Sarah’s existence, who was 38 at the time of her disappearance, was unveiled three months later. Her body was found horrifically stuffed in a suitcase, wrapped in industrial plastic wrap within a taped-up bin at her house. Throughout this time-period, Waddell had been spinning deceptive stories to Sarah’s family about how she was undergoing treatment in a London hospital and hence couldn’t be reached.

Waddell’s elaborate smokescreen tactics included sending messages from Sarah’s mobile phone, spending with her bank card, and even selling off her belongings. Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew presented irrefutable evidence showing Sarah, who was grappling with multiple sclerosis, had fallen victim to an unimaginably violent attack comprising stamping, kicking, and punched, possibly involving a weapon. The fatal outcome was the blockage of the airway due to considerable injuries to her head.

To the horror of the courtroom, Waddell’s chilling confession was exposed wherein he admitted to the merciless assault on Sarah. His exclamation of complete emotional nullity after his gruesome act sent shock waves echoing through the hushed room, raising questions about his mental state.

The couple had encountered each other for the first time in November 2020. Due to her struggle with MS and a neurological disorder, Sarah found herself becoming increasingly reliant on him. The relationship presented its cracks in January the following year when Sarah put an end to it, citing his emotional manipulation, as revealed by Mr. Mulgrew.

Ignoring his bail conditions set after he was accused of harassment, Waddell would routinely violate Sarah’s space and make unwelcome visits to her home. In December 2021, Sarah reported him for assault, giving a detailed account of his controlling and aggressive behaviour towards her.

Sarah’s stepsister, Corinne Foster, who had bear witness to the couple’s toxic dynamic, grew suspicious when she received a text message sent from Sarah’s phone. The suspect manner in which it was addressed raised a red flag for Foster, who ascertained that the text didn’t match Sarah’s style of communication.

In his testimony, Waddell defended himself by saying that he had reached the limit after enduring “years of abuse”. He was taken into custody for sentencing scheduled on Thursday by Judge Michael Simon.