Biden’s German Shepherd Temporarily Removed from White House due to Rising Biting Incidents


Commander, the German shepherd belonging to President Joe Biden, is currently absent from the White House campus in light of several biting incidents involving both White House staff and U.S. Secret Service officers, as stated by a representative of First Lady Jill Biden.

First Lady’s Communications Director, Elizabeth Alexander, shared the Biden’s deep concern for the safety of the staff and their guardians. Their appreciation extended to the patience and support extended by the Secret Service and all involved as they strive for a solution. While future steps are being evaluated, Commander is temporarily removed from the White House premises.

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The details regarding Commander’s current location remain undisclosed. The two-year-old German shepherd was last sighted on an upper balcony of the White House on a Saturday.

Earlier on Wednesday, the White House press briefing was perturbed by a recent accusation that Commander had bitten a staff member. The First Lady’s office clarified that Commander was involved in play with Dale Haney, the head groundskeeper, which did not result in any serious injuries. The incident was publicized by a tourist who captured it in a photograph and shared it with a news outlet.

Recounting other incidents, Commander was involved in a series of biting incidents. The latest of them occurred on September 25, when a Secret Service officer in uniform was bitten and had to be treated by the medical personnel on-site.

At the time, Alexander remarked that the stresses of the White House can be a lot for a family pet, emphasizing that the Bidens are pursuing strategies to help Commander adapt to the unpredictable nature of the White House grounds.

Commander appears to have clashed with the Secret Service on at least ten other occasions between October 2022 and January, causing one law enforcement officer to receive hospital care, falling in line with the Department of Homeland Security records.

Before Commander, Major, another German shepherd belonging to the Bidens, demonstrated aggressive behaviour towards the Secret Service and staff at the White House. He was ultimately relocated to stay with friends in Delaware.

As part of their role, the Secret Service ensures the security of the president and his family, with numerous of its officers positioned around the executive mansion and extensive grounds.

In December 2021, Biden received Commander as a gift from his brother, James. The family also owns a cat named Willow.