Biden-Trump 2024 Race Heats Up: Republican Jewish Coalition Pledges Millions to Trump’s Campaign


In anticipation of the 2024 Presidential race, the financial scales currently tip in favor of incumbent Democrat, Joe Biden, in stark contrast to his likely Republican adversary and former U.S. president Donald Trump. However, a powerful contingent of Republican Jewish donors aim to upset this balance.

Trump, the former casino mogul and the Country’s 45th president, has secured a significant monetary pledge from a major Republican faction, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). This organization, which has historically enjoyed the generous backing of the billionaire Adelson family behind the Las Vegas Sands casino dynasty, has promised to contribute over $5 million to Trump’s upcoming campaign.

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The RJC, since its inception in 1985 under the title ‘National Jewish Coalition,’ has been devoted to fostering strong relations between the GOP, the Jewish community, and key decision-makers. This nonprofit also works diligently to enhance diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Israel.

It is a challenging time, marked by turbulent protests across major cities and college campuses, over the Israeli war with Hamas in Gaza, primarily centered on the liberation of Palestine. This tumultuous backdrop adds fuel to the RJC’s already fervent support for Trump’s quest to regain the Presidential office.

Last week, RJC officials affirming their steadfast support, pledged no less than $5 million to Trump’s reframed campaign for the presidency. This commitment is over and above the organization’s planned disbursement of $15 million to GOP candidates and to Trump for the upcoming 2024 elections.

Sam Markstein, RJC’s Political Director, expressing the group’s mounting urgency in the wake of escalating antisemitism and deteriorating U.S – Israel relations, stated, “The Jewish community is more energized than ever to turn the page from the failures, broken promises, and betrayals by Joe Biden.”

In a reflection of the RJC’s formidable influence in political circles, one cannot overlook the remarkable clout of the late Sheldon Adelson. As the founder of the Las Vegas Sands casino empire, a longstanding member of the RJC board, and a considerable donor to the RJC’s super political action committee, Adelson’s influence still resonates.

Despite the silence from Adelson’s widow, Miriam Adelson, regarding political contribution over the last two years, it’s expected that this illustrious philanthropist will endorse her longtime friend. Trump, during his occupancy of the Presidential residence, took an unprecedented step to fulfill one of the Adelson’s cherished aspirations: the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an event they attended with great pride.

Examining the potential outcomes of the 2024 election amidst present geopolitical turmoil, it seems that the mounting discord within the Democratic party, fueled by the Israel-Hamas conflict, may indeed boost Trump’s chances. When considering these controversies alongside the Biden administration’s ceaseless funding of Ukraine in its war against Russia and skyrocketing living expenses due to inflation, many Americans are clamoring for a shift.

In a testament to this thought, the Real Clear Politics average polling asserts Trump holding a 0.9-point lead over Biden. Moreover, Trump maintains polling leads in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—crucial battleground states. Even British bookmakers are placing their bets on Trump, with William Hill predicting a 55% chance of a Trump victory against a 45% chance for Biden.