Biden to Confront Trump’s Threat to Democracy in Pivotal Address


In an upcoming pivotal address, President Joe Biden is preparing to issue severe warnings regarding threats to American democracy. The president is taking aim at his potential adversary in a future showdown, Donald Trump, accusing the former president of attempting to dismantle fundamental American institutions.

Biden has largely refrained from commenting on any unfolding legal troubles that Trump has encountered during the summer. His intention was to avoid the appearance of interference in Justice Department proceedings. That being said, the one time Biden referred to Trump’s legal troubles was through a jibe regarding Trump’s mugshot related to a case in Fulton County, Georgia.

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However, Trump continues to hold a commanding lead in the Republican primary and with Biden’s approval ratings faltering, the current president is starting to mount a more intensive campaign against his likely 2024 opponent. Biden’s allies hope his upcoming speech will signal an end to the strategy of keeping Trump at a distance.

Securing the nation’s democratic principles was a key reason Biden decided to run for president in 2020. His campaign for re-election will once again rally around this cause to galvanize voters and donors unenthused about another match-up between the two.

Biden’s choice of location for Thursday’s speech was carefully considered; aides were contemplating iconic American historical sites on the East Coast before finally choosing Tempe, Arizona. The selection honored the memory of the late Republican Senator John McCain, a long-time friend of Biden’s. As a state at the center of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, Arizona holds symbolic significance to the current president’s message.

Biden’s speech is intended to underscore the importance of the Constitution as the foundation of democracy and spotlight the crucial nature of the separation of powers along with checks and balances. This focus has been verified by a source familiar with the content of the speech.

Timing is another crucial aspect of the address, with the day after the second Republican primary debate chosen to maximize media attention. Trump skipped the debate, choosing instead to deliver his own speech in Michigan to attempt to weaken Biden’s support among union workers.

Amid considerable uncertainty about his political future and controversies surrounding his term so far, Biden is preparing to face an impeachment inquiry. However, many Democrats believe the current polling will shift once voters perceive the 2024 election as a direct contest between Biden and Trump.

As Biden and his team prepare for this address, he is preparing to issue warnings about Trump’s potential return to the White House. In a recent Broadway theater visit, Biden stated, “Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy. And I will always defend, protect, and fight for our democracy.” A couple of days later, he amplified this message to a group of lawyers, expressing his confidence in his ability to defeat Trump for a second time.

Biden’s allies believe that the issue of defending democracy continues to resonate deeply with voters. His recent video announcing his reelection featured footage of the January 6th, 2021 attack on the US Capitol in its opening moments.

An integral part of Biden’s speech will honor John McCain, recalling a time when bipartisanship was more prevalent. By referencing Arizona’s history of both Democratic and Republican leadership during his speech, Biden hopes to inspire unity. McCain’s widow Cindy, other members of the McCain family, and Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs will be present at the speech.

For Biden, the loss of his friend senator McCain struck close to home, not least because McCain was diagnosed with the same cancer that claimed the life of Biden’s son, Beau. Biden reminisced about his friendship with McCain during a wreath-laying ceremony in Hanoi, where McCain’s plane was shot down, and remarked, “He was a good friend.”

In 2018, during his eulogy for McCain, Biden recounted that his friend lived by a code of honor, courage, integrity, and duty. Biden remains committed to these virtues as he continues to steer the nation through challenges and uncertainties. As he has repeatedly emphasized, his intention is to continue fighting for the preservation of American democracy.