Biden Targets “Junk Fees” in Transparency Push against Gaming Industry


Over the weekend, President Joe Biden once again took to his Twitter feed to shed light on the mounting concerns over so-called “junk fees” commonly levied at the culmination of reservation or ticket purchase proceedings. Dedicated to maintaining transparency in the state finances, he believes the implementation of these additional hidden charges routinely deceive consumers into availing services at a higher cost than advertised, a trend which is continually siphoned through the veins of the national gaming industry.

Las Vegas and many regional gaming properties, in particular, make frequent use of these imposed resort fees leading to a significant surge in prices, often unbeknownst to the consumer. President Biden staunchly advocates for the upfront inclusion of these fees in the booking procedure as a means to curb such instances of inadvertent over-expenditure.

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Undeterred by the continuing inflationary tendencies that bend the costs of goods and services higher than before, President Biden is resolute in his endeavor to eradicate misleading online pricing strategies. Addressing the nation during his February State of the Union Address, he assuringly spoke about making it a prime focus of his administration to prohibit the surprising imposition of resort fees.

He echoed his sentiments through his tweet, “Concert tickets are hard enough to get, you shouldn’t have to pay surprise service fees on top of that. My Administration is working to crack down on those junk fees so you know what you are paying for up front.”

President Biden first kindled his support for the cause in October 2022, announcing his intentions to instruct the Federal Trade Commission to lay down rules against such spurious extra charges across all industries.

However, a silver lining appeared in the form of bipartisan legislation initiated by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Jerry Moran that came to the fore in July. Their proposed act, the Hotel Fees and Transparency Act, campaigned for the requirement of hotels and resorts to include any extra charges except taxes in their advertised tariffs.

While their bill has not found momentum within the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, the hope for transparent pricing still flickers within key figures of the gaming industry like the American Gaming Association and Sen Jacky Rosen, a Las Vegas representative amongst others. They argue the honesty of casinos and resorts in their home state regarding their booking policies.

However, critics may question whether these fees and President Biden’s focus on addressing them detract from more pressing concerns currently ushering across the country.

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