Biden Blames Radical Republicans for Potential Government Shutdown


As the United States government teeters on the edge of a shutdown, President Joe Biden and his trusted team of advisors at the White House intend to deliver a forthright message. According to them, a small consortium of radical Republicans bear the full brunt of the responsibility for the potential pandemonium that could reverberate across the nation.

The potential shutdown significantly influences the Trump Administration’s image and it is crucial that their message resonates with the Americans. Biden and his team have spent weeks gauging how much to involve themselves in congressional deliberations concerning the government’s funding deadline. In the end, they chose to step back, hoping the Republican-dominated House would falter and carry the weight of the ensuing chaos.

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Biden recently expressed his disappointment with a “small group of extreme House Republicans” for steering the government towards shutdown, reneging on previously agreed spending levels. Highlighting the adverse effects this would have, particularly on the Black community, Biden listed the potential impacts, such as the discontinuation of funding for nutritional assistance, stalling EPA’s environmental justice work, and HUD’s housing discrimination enforcement efforts.

One of the repercussions of the shutdown could be flight delays and closure of childcare centers. This coming week, the White House will be dispatching a slew of Cabinet officials to elucidate further.

Take for example, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s clarification on how the shutdown could impact food programs and farmer loans. Vilsack disclosed that the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, aiding low-income children, and pregnant and postpartum women, would have benefits cut off immediately in some cases if there was a shutdown. Simultaneously, farmers and people seeking house loans in rural areas may face difficulties as the USDA will be unable to provide or guarantee their loans.

Biden’s handling of this situation will deeply affect his administration’s image and popularity among the American public. However, the president remains hopeful, extending his support to efforts by Senate majors to reach a short-term spending agreement to thwart the government shutdown.

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