Biconomy Exchange Launching Its Own Token-BIT Token Ready for Trading on PancakesSwap on 6th September


Biconomy is one of the cryptocurrency assets entering the market with very high growth potential. Biconomy was founded in 2019 in Canada. Since then, the crypto exchange has established representative offices in UK, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

So far, the platform provides a professional and secure trading experience to over 300 thousand registered crypto traders globally. Now, Biconomy is launching its new official token with the BIT symbol. The BIT token has several uses and benefits that make it a promising asset for investment.

Biconomy has organized a $50, 000 prize airdrop on the Coinmarketcap, a leading crypto asset tracking platform. Investors can then complete tasks in the airdrop condition, after which awards will be handed to 10, 000 lucky winners.

BIT token is set to start publicly trading by 6th September this year all over the world through the PancakeSwap. Just like Bitcoin, BIT token is decentralized digital assets. However, BIT’S value is dependent on Biconomy crypto exchange, and also factors have an impact.

BIT token holders will directly benefit from the Biconomy exchange that will offer utilities to the token and thus making it a reliable stable asset. Biconomy CEO Dmitriy Sheludko also indicated that the BIT token model and protocol would be of great value to Biconomy exchange and also to the cryptocurrency market.

BIT token will increase people’s involvement in the Biconomy exchange and give them the right to exchange activities. Many exchanges have created a token, but none had a desire to create ecosystem utilities. But Biconomy through its BIT token, will create a wide range of applications and constantly improve their use.


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