Beware of untrustworthy services being offered during the flood clean-up


By Doug Smith (Project Mgr, Trillium Dev Group)

The ongoing crisis brought about by the flooding of undeniable historic proportions should serve as a stark reminder that we should never become complacent when it comes to Mother Nature. No matter where we live, Nature can surprise us with little or no warning. That being painfully obvious, there are many families now affected by the recent crisis, likely well beyond the number that is currently being estimated. And for that very reason, the clean-up aspect of this catastrophe will result in challenges of another variety.

As a Project Manager serving the residential field for 17 years, I have witnessed firsthand the effects of what fire and water can do to a house. I have also seen how an improper clean-up can have lingering and costly impacts on a house and the people who call it their home.

There will certainly be more demand for reputable professional clean-up crews than there are truly available. The best are already fielding more calls than they can hope to respond to. The result will be two-fold; either you may be forced to wait an interminable period to be serviced, or you may find yourself, out of desperation or assuming in good faith, hiring the “New Name ProClean-up” crew that will undoubtedly begin to scour the affected neighborhoods looking to offer their untrained and thereby unqualified “services”.

Be wary! Contact your Insurance broker before you engage ANY business offering their services. Your claim, whether it is with your Insurance company or the Gov’t promoted assistance, may be refused or discounted if they determine the non-registered “New Name ProClean-up” company left your wallet cleaned out but did not adequately leave your house properly sanitized and ready for rebuilding.

Mother Nature caught us off guard. Do not proceed fueled understandably by fatigue or frustration in your haste to get back to your normal lives. Dig deeper and find the energy and clarity to be thorough and diligent in your assessment of any “help” being offered, especially if that “help’ appears unsolicited at your doorstep with a freshly printed business card and an unrealistic availability to come to your rescue. Your family’s peace of mind and health is at stake.

Good luck and keep breathing. This too shall pass ☺



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