Beware of phone scam collecting money for flood victims


Please note that the only official place to make a donation to the flood victims is the Red Cross. They will not be contacting you by phone.  A most recent phone scam has callers asking for donations for the flood victims. Should you receive a call please hang up and dial 911 to report the call.

On the West Island specifically, West Island Community Shares has set up a fund for those who wish to donate as they did in 2017. Anyone wishing to donate can contact the organization directly and they will distribute gift cards to those in need.

How the Red Cross is helping:

In Quebec, the Red Cross is helping people in need and providing a variety of services based on the immediate needs of affected individuals and families.

Red Cross teams are providing support for impacted individuals in New Brunswick and in Ontario, Red Cross Disaster Management teams are monitoring situations very closely and volunteers are currently on standby to assist municipalities as needed.

Local Red Cross volunteers have been activated across the country, providing a variety of services based on the need in each region. This includes support such as reception and information, registration and family reunification, emotional well-being support, lodging, food, first aid, and providing cots and blankets.


    • The scam happened to Rhonda Massad we not sure who else you would like us to source. As far as the Red Cross and WICS is concerned – they are the only official place to donate. That has been a fact since 2017, we have known that since coverage in 2017 and verified it this week with the organizations. Which is why we direct peoople via a link the page you have indicated. We stand by this article and its relevance.


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