Better services for residents – Service counters to be combined at City Hall


The City of Pointe-Claire is happy to announce improvements in services to the public with the setting up of a new combined service counter at City Hall that will be up and running by October. The counter will be open during the lunch hour.

“In our continuing effort to improve our services to residents while holding the line on costs, and as set out in our 2015-2019 strategic plan, a combined service counter for Engineering, Public Works, Planning and Recreation will be set up during the summer on the ground floor at City Hall,” says the mayor. “These improvements will enable us to deal on the spot with most requests from residents, contractors and associations.”

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In addition to the new service counter on the ground floor, there are plans for an access ramp at the north entrance to City Hall on Douglas-Shand Avenue; renovations and updated technical systems for the Council Chamber; a new showcase in the lobby; a redesigned front desk offering maximum visibility; and changes to ground-floor washrooms to ensure universal accessibility.

Hands-on tools for residents are also planned, such as a computer for checking out the Pointe-Claire website, registering for City programs or applying for a job with the City. There will also be a monitor displaying public service announcements.

“City Hall will stay open for business while the work is being carried out,” notes Mayor Trudeau. “The new service counter and other changes will improve the way we deliver City services, especially since we will be combining the most-used services in a single location.”