Betr Booms to $375 Million Valuation After Fresh Funding


In a striking example of rapid growth and industry confidence, the sports wagering startup Betr Holdings Inc., co-founded by pugilist-turned-promoter Jake Paul, disclosed on Wednesday a significant financial milestone. In this latest venture capital triumph, the Miami-based company successfully courted an additional $15 million in investments, consequently soaring its valuation to an enviable $375 million.

This recent financial infusion officially brings the sum of capital raised by Betr since its inception to a robust $100 million. The round was notably spearheaded by Harmony Partners and 10x Capital, and it witnessed the reaffirmed faith of earlier Betr backers such as Fuel Venture Capital and Aliya Capital Partners, not to mention individual investors like Roger Ehrenberg of Eberg Capital.

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The announcement comes amidst Betr’s bold strides in expanding its market access for the Online Sportsbook product. The company proudly asserted its newly secured foothold in several states — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, and Kentucky — with preparations underway to introduce its Casino product, pending necessary regulatory green lights. Betr’s industrious efforts have been further rewarded with a provisional sports wagering license courtesy of the Indiana Gaming Commission.

However, not all pursuits have met with success. In a surprising strategic pivot, Betr has withdrawn from the Massachusetts sports wagering market, a withdrawal that requires some reassessment of their expansion strategy.

Despite being considered an emerging entity in domestic sports wagering circles, Betr’s knack for capital mobilization has not gone unnoticed. The firm’s ability to repeatedly attract esteemed investors spells a promising outlook. Prior to the whisk of excitement surrounding the latest $15 million bonanza, Betr held a June A2 investment round, amassing $35 million at a premoney valuation of $300 million, a venture predominantly captained by Roger Ehrenberg and Fuel Venture Capital.

The cadre of Betr investors is a storied one, with many boasting a history of early stakes in internet juggernauts; and 10x Capital, having been an early believer in DraftKings, sees a kindred spirit of potential in Betr. “We believe that Betr mirrors the early promise of DraftKings, with an even larger addressable market and growth potential at their fingertips,” said David Weisburd, Co-Founder of 10x Capital.

In a broader context, the world of gaming finance bustles with activity. Strive Gaming, a Vancouver-based connoisseur of player account management analytics, recently attracted investment from OpenBet. This marks a significant maneuver in the industry, and it’s worth noting that it is OpenBet’s inaugural investment since its acquisition by Endeavor Group Holdings.

With OpenBet now holding a minority stake in Strive, the company, along with investments from Astralis Capital Management and others, speaks to the dynamism of the sector. “This partnership will allow us to advance responsible betting experiences in the U.S., supported by the superior infrastructure of Strive Gaming’s solutions and OpenBet’s renowned standards,” Jordan Levin, CEO of OpenBet, remarked about this new venture.

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