BetMGM Hits $1.96 Billion Revenue Surge, Eyes EBITDA Boom


In a remarkable display of growth, BetMGM announced a surge in its revenue for the year 2023, reaching $1.96 billion, marking a noteworthy 36% increase from the previous year. This stellar performance placed the online sportsbook operator comfortably within the high range of its anticipated earnings forecast, which they had projected to fall between $1.8 billion and $2 billion.

This financial year’s successful close was underscored by a star-studded revelation that hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, revered NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and acclaimed actor Vince Vaughn would illuminate BetMGM’s Super Bowl advertisement debut—a testament to the company’s soaring aspirations and expanding cultural presence.

Beyond the glitz of celebrity endorsements, BetMGM revealed financial milestones demonstrating robust health and forward momentum. Notably, the joint venture between industry titans MGM Resorts International and Entain Plc achieved EBITDA positivity in the latter half of the year. However, the overall EBITDA loss was not insignificant, tallying at $67 million for 2023—a figure suggesting both the scale of their endeavor and their sharpened focus on profitability.

This confluence of positive financial indicators and strategic investments have sparked a flurry of discussions amongst industry magnates and investors, particularly about a possible acquisition scenario wherein MGM Resorts International might pursue full ownership of BetMGM or even a comprehensive takeover of Entain Plc. The rumblings of marketplace strategy have been catalyzed by the nudging of activist investors, some entwined with MGM, advocating bold maneuvers to recalibrate BetMGM’s trajectory toward greater success and integration within the gaming landscape.

Furthermore, BetMGM committed to a vision of impressive EBITDA gains looking ahead to 2026, forecasting an ambitious $500 million mark, a beacon of optimism according to CEO Adam Greenblatt. The assertion of EBITDA profitability through three quarters of 2023 was hailed as a resounding endorsement of their business model’s efficacy. Nonetheless, there remains ground to be covered. Holding a 14% slice of the US sports wagering and iGaming markets indicates there’s an uphill battle ahead in catching up to the market leads owned by rivals.

Yet, emboldened by continued investments in technology and customer experiences like live betting enhancements, the cross-pollination of single wallet functionalities, and the injection of novel content into the iGaming world, BetMGM remains aggressive in pursuing a significant uptick in user acquisition and retention.

As a new dawn approaches for online sports enthusiasts and iGaming aficionados alike, 2024 harbors seismic shifts with potential expansions into North Carolina’s market and a full year of Kentucky’s results promising to bolster BetMGM’s already expanding canvass of operations.

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