Best wine stores in Singapore

Wine adds a sweet taste to life. After a tedious week, one may eventually want to have some good time with friends, relatives, or even alone. But in order to surefire the event and class things up, wine should be the first item in your shopping list. However, with a wide variety of labels and vintages, getting a good wine store in Singapore can be difficult. Where can one buy wine in Singapore?

1855 The Bottle Shop

If you are a wine lover in Singapore, the name may ring a familiar bell, doesn’t it? Well, the store, which is located at Somerset Road and Serangoon Gardens, provides premium wine collections and varieties such as red wine, sparkling wine, morel wine, white wine, and rose wine. The store stocks wines from various parts of the world. The other thing that makes this store popular is their prices. Averagely, their price range starts as low as $50. Better yet, the discounted bottles can go even lower that price. The 1855 bottle shop has up to 6 outlets all distributed within Singapore. This makes it easy to reach the nearest store in the shortest time possible.

Artisan Cellars

If you are a person attracted by aficionado or other big names in the world of wine, then you need to check-in at Artisan Cellars. The store not only offers artisanal wines but also stores some of the best-renowned wines in history. For instance, it has a collection of wines from famous France, Germany, New Zealand United States, and other regions known to produce top quality wines. The unique thing about artisan cellars is that they offer an incredible Champaign made entirely from pinot noir grapes as well as de souse Cuvee des Caudalie’s, among other top names.


This is another top-rated wine stores in Singapore and the extended Asian region. The store is popular for its wide range of exceptional wines, which comes at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are planning for a get-together or a dinner party with your friends, you can visit this store and get the best wines for the occasion. Some of the best collections from the store include the Nicolas Mallart Brut Platine, empathy wines for rose wine lovers, and the list is endless. As an after-sale service, the store offers free delivery within Singapore and a flat rate shipping fee of $5 for shoppers outside Singapore but within the Asian region.

Bottles & Bottles

Are you a wine lover who demands a variety in their glass? Then Bottles & Bottles will deliver. The wine retail store stocks over 300 different labels from 10 countries. The store shelves are always stacked to the brim. The store has several outlets that are well distributed within the country. The majority of the labels are from Bordeaux, but other world wine-producing countries such as Chile, Spain, the USA, and Germany are also represented. With Bottles & Bottles, you’ll always get the value of your money.


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