Increase your home value with a long lasting metal roof


More and more, West Island homeowners are turning to metal roofing as a viable way to increase their house’s value. With a manufacture’s warranty of 50 years, steel roofs last three to four times longer than traditional roofing, can reduce energy cost and offer big aesthetic and investment value.

If you’re considering re-roofing this sunny season, the experts at Metal Roof Canada wish to share a few cost-saving incentives with you.

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Low maintenance

Metal roofs require far less maintenance than shingled roofing. What’s more, Metal Roof Canada offers a 50-year guarantee on all its roofs (including 30 years for paint) and provides yearly inspections.Metal Roof Canada, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, Roof, House

Endure the elements

Come winter, ice dams and shedding snow can often lead to costly damages. With a metal roof, you no longer need to worry about these hazards. During hot summers, steel roofs deflect the sun’s rays, which not only reduces air conditioning costs but also deters mold buildup in your attic.

Environmentally sound

A longer lifespan means less waste. And because metal roofs are made of 100% recycled material, they keep hundreds of tons out of landfills every year. Also, all Metal Roof Canada’s steel use chromate-free coatings and Global Patented Bio-based oils paint to ensure the safest environment around your house. Simply, it’s the most environmentally-sound steel on the market.

Turnkey solutions

Metal Roof Canada provides you with the metal sheets, flashing, membranes, accessories, installation and maintenance. All their roofers are fully certified to install SSAB Greencoat metal.

European standards

Metal Roof Canada works exclusively with Nordic-quality steel from SSAB, the world’s leading brand. SSAB’s GreenCoat steel boasts the greatest endurance on the market.

It preserves colour and gloss and reduces scratches to keep your roof looking like new for decades.

Using smart satellite technology, Metal Roof Canada will assess your current roof’s condition and provide a quote for free. Call now and discover how easy it is to add significant value to your home!

Metal Roof Canada, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, Roof, House