Ben Simmons Set for Strong Comeback at Training Camp


Without any restrictions, Ben Simmons is geared up to kickstart his training camp next week, rearing to bounce back after two seasons marred by injuries in Brooklyn. Fingers crossed on his health, we might be witnessing a comeback of Simmons in his original position as a point guard.

Tuesday saw Nets coach, Jacque Vaughn sharing updates about the former All-Star’s summer seasons. According to Vaughn, Simmons has actively been a part of 5-on-5 matches and will have an increased offensive role, provided he doesn’t fall prey to further injuries.

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Last season, Simmons hung up his boots post the All-Star break due to a troublesome left knee, compounded by a back nerve injury. Complications from a back surgery from the previous offseason had sapped his strength and made it impossible for him to meet the gaming standards Vaughn expected of him. But this summer, their discussions were filled with optimism as Simmons demonstrated his regained strength.

“So, the things that I’m asking him to do going forward, I think he can physically do now,” Vaughn elaborated on his expectations.

Despite the circumstances of the past, Simmons remains to see himself as a lead guard. This was the role he impeccably essayed while bagging three All-Star selections in Philadelphia. Last season, with Kyrie Irving as the point guard, he was a forward or backup center following his arrival at Brooklyn in February 2022 through a trade deal for James Harden.

Considering Irving’s move to Dallas and Simmons’ refreshed strength, Vaughn looked rather hopeful about him retaking his original position.

“If Ben can bring consistency to his game, there’s no question that he should be in control of the basketball,” Vaughn asserted, adding, “You have to guard him with the basketball in his hands.”

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