Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Giant Voices Support for Voice to Parliament Referendum


Renowned American ice cream giant, Ben & Jerry’s, recently made waves by publicly voicing support for the Yes campaign, ahead of the Voice to Parliament referendum, slated to occur in 15 days.

Ben & Jerry’s is not just universally adored for its tasty icy treats, but also celebrated for its bold activism and consistent support of progressive ideologies. Over the years, the company took unequivocal stances on numerous causes, from promoting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community to advocating for the Palestinian cause.

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Despite the eroding public support for the constitutional amendment, Ben & Jerry’s, along with several other businesses, has endorsed the prospective change. The company, rooted in Vermont, declared, “In alignment with our ethos and longstanding advocacy for progressive social transformation, we firm-footedly stand beside the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its demand for Voice, treaty, and truth.”

The ice-cream behemoth expressed unwavering endorsement for the upcoming referendum’s ‘Yes’ vote, perceiving it to be “an essential stride towards self-determination and a fairer future.” Their commitment extends beyond the Voice to Parliament proposal, acknowledging the necessity for wider reconciliation.

They further emphasized, “While the Voice signifies a substantial step in the right direction, alone, it is wholly insufficient to rectify the lasting damages inflicted by several hundred years of colonization, exclusionary policies, and pervasive racism.”

The previous week saw Ben & Jerry’s being called out by local franchisees for allegedly preventing the display of support for the Indigenous Voice in their stores.

As citizens prepare to cast their vote in the impending referendum, which seeks to constitutionally embed an advisory body, they will confront the question:

A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice: Do you approve this proposed alteration?

To pass, the referendum necessitates a “double majority,” demonstrating majority support both nationally and in at least four of the nation’s six states. In light of the steadily declining public sentiment for the proposal and the upcoming poll, Voice proponents are facing an uphill battle.

Recalling 2016, Ben & Jerry’s is known for endorsing the Yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey. The company had even prohibited Australian patrons from ordering two scoops of the same ice cream flavour until the legalization of same-sex marriage.