Beloved Restaurateur Sharif Rahman’s Tragic Death Sparks Massive Manhunt


The esteemed proprietor of a popular eatery, Sharif Rahman, will meet his final rest on the following Sunday, after authorities conclude their post-mortem investigation.

Sharif Rahman, aged 44, met an untimely demise after succumbing to a brutal altercation at his restaurant, The Curry House, situated on the bustling 900-block of 2nd Avenue East in Owen Sound, on August 17.

The local constabulary confirms that Rahman and his nephew were set upon by a trio of men after Rahman made a request for the bill settlement as he prepared to lock up his restaurant for the end of the day. This action sparked a disagreement.

The three men responded with a violent assault on Rahman and his nephew, injuring both before rapidly vacating the premises. The assault took place out in the quiet sidewalk adjacent to the restaurant.

Following the attack, Rahman was hastily brought to a nearby hospital in a critical state. Sadly, his injuries proved fatal when he passed away a week later in a London, Ontario hospital.

Post-mortem inquiries into the circumstances that led to Rahman’s death have been finalized, although the police have yet to announce their findings, including the actual cause of death. The police have stated that when it is time to release this information, it will be conveyed via an official press statement.

Crucially, on August 24, the Owen Sound police shared photographs and distinguishing details of two believed to be involved in the violent incident, soliciting public aid in their identification.

The first suspect is reported to be a Caucasian male, standing between 5’10” and 6’2″. He is medium-built, short dark hair, and was seen in a light blue t-shirt, black shorts, and black running shoes.

The second suspect mirrors the first in description. He’s another Caucasian male of similar height and build, but distinguished by short brown hair, styled longer on top. He was last seen wearing an orange t-shirt, black shorts, and black running shoes.

Both suspects are believed to range in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties.

In a poignant display of solidarity, approximately 800 individuals joined a vigil held in Rahman’s honor on August 24.

An ongoing GoFundMe campaign, set up to aid Rahman’s family, has impressively exceeded its set goal of $25,000 by raising over $208,000 to date. The campaign informs that Rahman’s entombment will take place on upcoming Sunday afternoon at Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound, following a funeral prayer at the Owen Sound Muslim Association.

The campaign’s organizer implores the community to remember Rahman’s peaceful and loving spirit and to emulate his kindness in all their encounters.


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