Beloved Naval Officer Tragically Killed in Road Accident, Leaves Lasting Legacy


In an unfortunate incident, a jovial 29-year-old naval officer, Noah Aritara Tearoiti, more fondly known as “Noogz,” tragically lost his life in a ghastly road accident last Friday. Leaving behind a ripple of sorrow among those who adored him, Noogz was an exemplary father and fiancé, cherished eternally by his loved ones.

Noogz met his untimely end when his motorcycle collided with a bus around 3 PM local time on a peaceful residential lane of Kensington in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, on the afternoon of September 29.

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Despite relentless efforts by first responders at the accident scene, Noogz’s injuries warranted urgent hospitalization. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries a short while later.

A wave of heartfelt tributes has poured in from all who had the privilege of knowing Noogz, attesting to his jovial nature and his infectious zest for life.

His fiancée, Tiarna Ivy, reminisced about his delightful laughter and radiating smiles that filled their lives with joy. Ivy, who gave birth to their daughter a short while ago, had been eagerly anticipating their wedding in the scenic Cook Islands.

A heartfelt message from Noogz’s sister, Tia, on social media mirrored the sentiments of everyone who knew him. She promised always to safeguard his beloved wife and child, extending her eternal love to her departed brother.

Noogz was a Brisbane native who made Sydney his home after turning eighteen. His arduous service spanned over a decade in the Royal Australian Navy, leaving an indelible mark on his companions. Passionate about football, music, and art, he was a man of many talents.

His love for Ivy and their little daughter was paramount in his life, recalled his bereaved friends and family. Ms. Ivy remembers him always referring to her and their daughter, affectionately as ‘my girls’.

In an attempt to provide financial stability for the bereaved Ivy and their child, Noogz’s loyal comrade, Jacob Clifton, has initiated a fundraiser. The GoFundMe campaign has raised a staggering $56,000 in a short period, a testament to Noogz’s unforgettable influence on those around him.

In his emotional tribute to Noogz, Clifton emphasized his friend’s dedication to his country, marked by his praiseworthy ten-year service in the Navy.

The Australian Defence Force stated that the loss of Noogz has deeply affected the entire defence community and pledged to extend their support to his grieving family and companions.