Beloved Maple Ridge Tea Shop Devastated by Second Vandalism Attack


The quaint tea shop, ‘Once Upon A Tea Leaf’, nestled in Maple Ridge, has tragically been subjected to vandalism twice, a devastating blow to its owners who fear this may signal the end of their storefront.

Their losses are in hundreds of thousands of dollars, taking into account the extensive damage and the massive quantity of tea products that have been rendered unusable. Security footage from the distressing event displays the shattering of the front window and billows of orange smoke, coating the interior, transforming the once serene shop into a scene of chaos. The shop, now covered in a film of orange residue, depicts a haunting image of the incident.

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Wrapped in shock and disappointment, co-owner, Taryn Stephenson Thoews, lamented over the distressing situation. She courageously admitted that the costs to repair and replace the damaged property far outweigh their financial capacity. Though hopeful that their insurance will cover a portion of the loss, the amount of work to restore the shop back to its original state is an uphill climb.

The shop owners are all too familiar with such a distressing scene. The previous June, their shop fell victim to another cruel act of vandalism. After analyzing both episodes, they have found uncanny similarities suggesting a connection and the horrifying possibility of being deliberately targeted.

Ridge Meadows RCMP responded promptly to the tragic event, confirming the smashed window and promising to carry out a thorough investigation. Despite the assurances, the owners and the community remain baffled about the intentions behind the vandalism. No theft was apparent, hinting that the perpetrator aimed to inflict damage and strike fear into the hearts of the owners and community. Stubbornly optimistic, the owners expressed their gratitude towards the community that has rallied behind them and felt reassured over the overwhelming support demonstrated on social media channels, as well as a GoFundMe set up by a loyal customer.

As we edge towards resolution and hopefully, justice, downtown Maple Ridge remains a heartwarming, welcoming community. It is in such challenging times where unity shines the brightest, and that a beacon of hope amidst overwhelm could be found in unexpected corners.

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