Beloved Family Woman Murdered in Leicestershire, Local Man Charged


Carrie Slater was a cherished figure in her family, known for her radiant spirit and unwavering love as a sister and daughter. Tragedy struck when she met with an untimely death in Leicestershire, England.

Local authorities were summoned to a residence on Kings Road, situated in Long Clawson, near Melton Mowbray. Upon arrival, they came upon the grievous sight of Carrie Slater, 37, nursing life-threatening injuries from an apparent gunshot wound. Despite being swiftly transported to a nearby hospital, Slater succumbed to her fatal injuries on Saturday night.

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Richard Basson, a 44-year-old resident of Kings Road, Long Clawson, has since been detained and charged with although not limited to, Slater’s murder. When Basson makes his appearance in the Leicester courts, he will be confronted with additional charges for possession of illegally procured ammunition and a prohibited firearm of illegal length.

Leicestershire Police, acting as the family’s liaison, relayed the family’s heart-wrenching statement, “Carrie was universally adored in our family, and her absence creates a void that words can scarcely fill. As we grapple with the harsh reality of her absence, we take solace knowing the people of her childhood known, Grantham, share our pain and loss.”

As the story of Carrie Slater’s tragic end unfolds, we all take a moment to absorb the shock and remind ourselves of the fragility of life. Times such as these call for a distraction, a break from the cruel realities of the world.

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