BEI Looking Into Arrest Of Suspect Currently In Unstable Condition


Canada’s Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI) is looking into a case of police intervention that led to a suspect losing consciousness.

Following intervention by police, the suspect was moved to hospital where he is currently in unstable condition.

Based on information the BEI gathered, at about 11:30 am last Wednesday, the Service de police de Laval (SPL) received a call after a woman witnessed an individual taking part in mischief at a neighbor’s home.

The suspect is said to have physically attacked a senior at a business establishment, before taking off with his car, while the owner was in the car.

The stolen vehicle was reported to be traveling in the opposing direction along Highway 640 before it collided with another.

The suspect then committed mischief on others cars that had stopped on the highway.

The senior was subdued citizens and sustained minor injuries. The suspect was taken into custody by Officer from the Terrebonne Police Department, who lost consciousness while being handcuffed.

Officers from the BEI are checking facts if the case to verify if they are true.


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