Beckhams Open Up About Marital Struggles in New Netflix Docuseries


Two decades later, renowned celebrities, David and Victoria Beckham, finally address the allegations that once threatened their relationship. The couple offer a transparent view of their marital obstacles in the latest Netflix documentary series, “Beckham”.

Victoria Beckham, known for her tenure with the Spice Girls, openly acknowledges that the toughest phase in their marriage occurred when Rebecca Loos, David’s assistant, claimed to have had an affair with the football star. The scandalous rumours left the couple feeling more distant than ever before, she confessed.

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Their nuptials took place in the year 1999. However, turbulence commenced shortly after the 48-year-old football icon transferred to Real Madrid. While David has consistently dismissed these infidelity allegations, they cast intense scrutiny on their relationship.

Throughout the series, different newspaper clippings focusing on Loos’ accusations appear. This led Fisher Stevens, the director, to question the retired athlete regarding his coping mechanism in the face of multiple tabloid tales. Beckham confessed that this was the first time their marriage had dealt with severe strain.

Victoria, aged 49, upon being questioned about the most challenging time in her marital life, acceded that the scandal indeed was heart-wrenching for both of them. They felt besieged by the whole world, and painfully, they felt pitted against each other. Despite previous adversities placing them against others, they always found solace in their companionship, a unity that seemed to wither during their time in Spain.

David recounted his desolation while being in Spain, distanced from Victoria and their four kids residing in the UK. His transition to Madrid was difficult, having been part of a footballing community since the young age of 15. The unfamiliarity of Spain and absence of his family were particularly challenging.

The couple manifested their grit and determination, without which navigating this tumultuous phase would have been impossible. Despite the anguish, it was their resolve to fight for their love and family that helped them endure. Although the couple faced public scrutiny, they emphasized that their private life is ultimately theirs alone.

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