Beaver Lake to get a $1.8 million update starting June 2018


The Montreal Executive Committee approved a contract for exterior landscaping around the kiosks as well as, the construction of a wharf in the Beaver Lake area at Mount Royal Park. Existing kiosks on the shores of Beaver Lake are a popular activity frequented by more than 15,000 users both in winter and summer.

“Mount Royal is one of the most emblematic places in Montreal. As such, we want the entire Montreal population to enjoy it. We want to ensure the development of the mountain by making it more accessible and welcoming for all. The Beaver Lake project will improve the services provided to users of this historic sector, which is particularly appreciated by citizens, “said Luc Ferrandez, Executive Committee member, responsible for major parks, sustainable development, and green spaces.

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The plan is to improve the outdoor center for families by building more kiosk spaces and add a wharf on Beaver Lake. The Friends of the Mountain will occupy one of the kiosks and enjoy the outdoor landscaping as part of their green classes.

The awarding of the contract and the authorization of the expenditure will allow for the demolition of the temporary bridges, the construction of bridges and terraces on concrete pillars and the construction of a stone threshold for the ticket office, in addition to a rain garden. Included in the contract is a massive planting of trees, shrubs and grasses and the installation of interpretation panels. This work represents a total investment of $ 1.08 million funded by the City Center.

Work is scheduled to begin in June 2018. This will limit access to the kiosks and their surroundings during the summer season. Boating activities on the lake will be temporarily relocated around the Beaver Lake Pavilion and green classes on the Smith House.

Several services have been improved since 2016, including a ticket office, a storage area for winter slide tubes, snowshoes, navigation equipment and first aid equipment, an electric room, a rest area for entertainers and a workshop that welcomes groups of children for green or white classes.