Bear Mauls A 26-Year-Old Alberta Woman To Death


A 26-year-old female resident of Peers, Alberta died after she was attacked by a bear last Saturday, police say.

Swan Hills police said they received information regarding a bear mauling slightly after 3 pm, Troy Savinkoff, the RCMP’s spokesperson said.

Witnesses on the scene noted the animal responsible for killing the woman was a black bear.

Savinkoff informed local media on Monday that the female was a pilot working for a firm that offers transportation to tree planters in the area.

She was rushed to the Swan Hills Airport, where she was pronounced dead, the police spokesperson said.

Local police are collaborating with Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife to find out more about the attack.

Wildlife has located three black bears in the area and are awaiting on DNA profiles to find out if any of the three was involved.


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