Beaconsfield’s nine year old Elliott Seah’s dino book is a headline on Amazon


By Rhonda Massad

Beaconsfield’s Elliott Seah will be ten years old when he starts high school  next September.  Seah is also a published author.  The Petit Guide Des Dinosaures will be released for sale on October 15, 2015.

Elliott Seah
Petit Guide Des Dinosaures will be available for sale on October 15, 2015

It all started last year as part of a school assignment in the gifted program at Marguerite Bourgeois elementary school, Elliott had to write a book that would remain in the school library. As part of the research process Elliott consulted on FaceTime once a week, with palaeontology enthusiast,Christine Cade.

According to Elliott’s mom, elementary school teacher Isabelle Champagne, it was Hans Larsson who suggested that Elliott bring the book down to the Redpath Museum to show it off at the 60th annual Conference of Canadian Palaeontologists.

“It was at the conference that many palaeontologists wanted a copy of the book and suggested we try to get it published,” Champagne explained, “We were very excited when we brought the project book to the book show at Place Bonaventure last fall, Elliott got three offers.”

“Elliott was involved in the whole editing and publishing process,” Champagne told The West Island Blog in an interview. “He chose the pictures and decided where they went within his text.  He also chose the character Seahsaurus, a cartoon dino that can be found throughout the book.”

Elliott Seah
Elliott Seah has a passion for dinosaurs.


The book is a guide to dinosaurs explaining everything from color to mobility to diet.  It is often difficult to remember the book is entirely written by a nine year old but the chapter divisions have Elliotts art work that remind us of his innocence and happy go lucky nature.

Elliott’s book will be translated into English in 2016 and will be for sale internationally.

Elliott hopes to work on a second book about mineral and rocks.  His website is up and running.  Please visit at

Elliott Seah
Elliott holding his first publication


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