Beaconsfield’s neighbours not ordering trashcams


By Robert Frank and Kevin Woodhouse

Beaconsfield’s neighbouring municipalities see no need to implement trashcams. Sainte Anne de Bellevue has added composting pickup, along with once a week garbage and recycling, and has reaped benefits regarding reducing the requirement of landfills. “No citizens in Sainte Anne have requested trashcams, and we have no short term plans to implement that policy, but as landfill costs increase and space becomes scarce, reducing garbage will become a reality of life,” Mayor Paola Hawa told The Suburban. “We have to get rid of our habits and it takes time,” Hawa observed.  “It took almost 20 years for people to get used to recycling, so Beaconsfield will not likely fix its garbage problems in one year.” Likewise, Kirkland city manager Joe Sanalitro told The Suburban that no Kirkland residents have suggested that the city implement trashcams, but that some have voiced their concern over the practice. “[Composting] has been the best route for our city as we have always taken a proactive approach,” said Kirkland city manager Joe Sanalitro. “By going with regular garbage, recycling and composting pickups, we have been able to minimize our effect on landfill.” Like Kirkland and Sainte Anne de Bellevue, Dorval conducts three regular, weekly pickups and residents can also ask the city to collect bulky items by calling the city’s public works department.


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