Beaconsfield’s first bike safety day a spinning success


by Rhonda Massad

More than 250 bikers showed up for the first ever B2K bike safety day in Beaconsfield last weekend.  Parents brought their children out for a day of fun in the sun and some bike safety tips too.

There was a mini obstacle course for children to take a ride in the presence of police officers from Station 1 who were on hand to help children see the dangers that could come up on the road. The kids practiced riding techniques and navigating obstacles in a fun, safe enclosed bike loop.

Agent Simon Allard explained that bikers fall under the same traffic laws as motor vehicles.Beaconsfield’s first bike safety day a spinning success, Beaconsfield, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog

“Bikers have to stop at stop signs and follow the traffic flow in the right direction.  As much as possible stay off the sidewalk,” he said.  “We do tolerate bikers on sidewalks on busier streets like St. Charles because the bikers feel safer but in general it is best to leave the sidewalks to the pedestrians.”

Team Golden from Beaconsfield’s Golden Sports shop performed a mechanical bike check for bikers,  including verifying participants air, brakes and chains so they were all set for the season. Miss Manitt’s Bakery whipped up some tasty dairy free, egg free, gluten free, nut free granola for the active crowd.  

A bike tour around the neighbourhood accompanied by police officers completed the day’s challenges.

According to Mayor Georges Bourelle, Police Station 1 approached the city about putting on the event.  The idea is to promote safety on the streets at a young age, to educate and hopefully prevent accidents in the future. He thanked the city’s Director of Culture and Leisure, Michèle Janis and her team for putting on the event for local families to encourage bike safety. 


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