Beaconsfield’s Adamus project a go for spring 2017


by Eva Tomlin

After a very long democratic process including several required public consultation meetings and a registry process, the new Adamus project will be breaking ground in the spring of 2017 on Alton and Elm Avenues in Beaconsfield.

Only 34 out of the eligible 404 voters in the related zones in Beaconsfield made it out to vote against the project on December 13.

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Over the past several years this location has held much contention with respect to the final structure that will be built where once stood The Club West Island. Some held concerns about height, traffic, and quality of project while others held concerns about green space and guest parking. All sharing the common goal of what they felt was best for the community they loved.

K.F. Construction promised to build a quality project with a recessed fourth story should the population allow the permit to go through. Some citizens remain anxious that four-stories, never seen before in Beaconsfield, will set a precedent for future development while others felt there was little risk given the lack of available land for development in the century-old city.

There seemed to be a general agreement in the population that one way or another, condo style housing was lacking from the housing stock in Beaconsfield and the new project will provide new families and those wishing to downsize more available options.

The accepted project promises to maintain 65% green space with all of the parking indoors and provide a high level of mobility to the 140 units of different sizes for sale with an added benefit of providing an acoustic barrier to the residents in the zone. A showroom has been set up with a mock bathroom and kitchen for anyone who wishes to visit the site.