Beaconsfielders turn to Facebook group to understand new organic waste pickup


By Rhonda Massad

While Beaconsfield has won awards for their “Pay as you Go” waste management system, the city is one of the last on the West Island to offer organic pickup. Organic pickup will be added to the green pickup Mondays, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from April until November.

When the city announced in their last monthly Contact magazine citizens were confused as to how they would get their organic waste to the curb. While councilors are attempting to answer the barrage of questions, some residents have taken to the Beaconsfield Neighbours for Neighbours Facebook group to better understand the details of the new program.

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“The city will not be handing out organic bins,” said Beaconsfield city councilor Robert Mercuri. “Kitchen waste can be placed in any container with a lid over 40L in size.”

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Though the city will not be offering organic waste bins, residents can find this model at Home Depot for about $30

That is where the messaging collapsed with the original announcement from the city. Residents stated that they are confused why the city will not be offering brown bins as do other cities. Residents also wanted to know what exactly is a 40L container and what kind of bag could be used to collect their organic waste that includes meat and animal fats during the days before pickup.

“People can use their old green garbage bins from before we offered ‘Pay as you go” pickup,” stated Councilor Dominique Godin. “We are very excited to be able to offer this service in connection with the green pickup we already have in place. Like many programs, we hope to see the residents take advantage of this improvement. I am anxious to see how many people will partake in the service. If the numbers show well we may see other changes in the future.”

According to Mercuri, the April Contact will address resident questions.

“There will be a full page providing more details on how to best use the service,” Mercuri stated in an email exchange. “Many residents have already reached out, so indeed we need to clarify.”

Here are some important facts from the city:

  • New this year, is the ability to add “Food residue” including meats, fish, bones, fats, oils, sauces, cheese and dairy products to this same Green residue pickup.
  • Food residue and green residue will be picked-up together.
  • If you plan on including “Food residue”, you will have to use a bin with a lid. The bin should have a capacity of 40L or more. Residents must use a bin with a lid.
  • If you are looking for a bin with a lid-lock, here is an example that can be used:
  • Residents can add food residue directly with green residue. Examples, leaves or grass clippings and food residue can be layered/mixed into same bin with a lid.
  • Many would like to collect food residue in a separate bag (example under the kitchen sink) and then add this to the bin with a lid. This is, of course, acceptable. However, we must use compostable bags with a cellulose liner or made entirely of paper. These bags can be found at Canadian Tire, Reno Depot, Home Depot

Both Mercuri and Godin recommend contacting your city councilor for any other clarifications and questions.