Beaconsfield small business owners at the whim of Hydro Quebec


By Rhonda Massad

In recent weeks,  Hydro Quebec has scheduled to shut off power for long durations at Elm Plaza in Beaconsfield.  On one occasion the merchants were notified that a repair was needed on a close by tower and their electricity would be shut down for a large portion of the day. Most merchants planned to close their enterprises for the day only to find out that the electricity had in fact been on all day at the alleged repairs were to take place at another time.  Those who took the initiative to call Hydro with long phone waits, last Friday,  knew that today was a possible closure.  Those who did not call were caught off guard this morning with no electricity.

Beaconsfield small business owners at the whim of Hydro Quebec, Enide Stiles, Rhonda Massad, Revolution Hair Studio, Tamara Rifai, Sherwood Animal Hospital
Veterinarian Nancy Duguay writes prescriptions by flash light

Owner of Sherwood Park Animal Hospital and veterinarian Enide Stiles feels because she is a small business she is not getting respect from Hydro Quebec when shut downs are being scheduled. 

“The last time they shut the power we were notified five days prior,” Stiles said, “but it in the end, they ended up not choosing to do the work that day and did not let us know.  We closed the hospital for the day for nothing.This time, there was no notice and they simply shut the electricity.”

When West Island Blog visited the animal hospital during the sudden closure on Monday, June 6, Stiles and her staff were working by flash light.

According to veterinarian Nancy Duguay all her files are in the computer and with the unexpected closure, she can not properly serve the clients that were scheduled for the day.

“Here I am writing my prescriptions out by hand by flash light,” Duguay explained.  “Had they advised us, we would not have had clients in today.”

Owner of Revolution Hair Studio,Tamara Rifai, also canceled her clients on the day of the first notification.

“We understand they need to do their work but when they schedule a day they need to stick to it,” Rifai explained. “Cancelling an entire day of clients has an impact on revenues.  To close the electricity suddenly without making sure we are all notified is not pleasant and unfair to our clients.”


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