Beaconsfield sadly says goodbye to the WICWC while Kirkland welcomes with open arms


by Rhonda Massad

The little yellow house nestled in the Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield has been home to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC) for the past seven years.  It is a warm and welcoming spot that reaches out to those with cancer and carries them through their journey by teaching them everything from medication management, holistic approaches to how to buy a wig. 

The ribbon cutting in Beaconsfield was one of the very first events I attended as a City Councillor almost seven years ago.  It is where I was truly bitten with the need to be involved in the community.  WICWC grew and grew over the years and has a waiting list of people who need their help. I am so proud of the community that gathered to make this happen. 

“The best thing about this new venture is that we will be able to serve people that would end up on the waiting list,” said WICWC Executive Director Debbie Magwood, “Can you imagine finding a place that you need at such a difficult time and being told you cannot participate because there is no room in the classes you would like to attend.”

The ground breaking ceremony took place in Kirkland last week where the bright sunny day was a clear good wish for the WICWC.   

“We are happy to have the WICWC here in Kirkland,” Mayor Michel Gibson said. “It continues to offer hope to those in the community in need.”

Construction is set to begin shortly with an opening date in the fall of 2016.  The $3 million goal is still a little short and the WICWC is hoping for a little help from the community in this last push.


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