Beaconsfield Mom inspires sons to garden and give back – they incorporated that into a business


 By Rhonda Massad

Two Beaconsfield brothers, Zac and Chris Yassa were taught by their mom the joys of gardening and giving back  from a very early age.  Now they have a full blown landscaping business that gives back to the community with each contract they get. 

“We were both raised on gardening since my mom always kept a nice flower and vegetable garden.” Chris explained.  “We learned at a young age how to care for  living plants and that we could get food in return for our efforts.  Gardening is a big thing in our family, my cousins also taught us a lot.”

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Both Yassa boys took that knowledge and worked for landscaping companies, Zac for 4 years, Chris for 2. 

“Neither one of us wanted to work in the traditional jobs that kids are guided towards,” Chris continued. “we didn’t want to become doctors or lawyers, instead we wanted to be able to create something for ourselves. Landscaping lets us mould something beautiful from nature and raw materials. We also both really enjoy the outdoors. I will start school to become an arborist this fall.”Beaconsfield, Yassa, Workforce,West Island Community Shares,WICS, Rhonda Massad

According to Zac, who is graduating McGill in Farm management and technologies next month, they hire students from John Abbott and St. Thomas High School,  to help them keep their hours to 40 per week. 

“We like to pay it forward and give back as much as we can,” Zac explained. “My mom is a firm believer in giving back and she chose the charity we will donate to which is West Island Community Shares. Every contract we get this year will see a 5% donation to helping others in our community.“

“Giving back is a basic part of life to me,” Lou-Anne Amabili, mother of the boys said. “I was so pleased when they spoke to me about giving back financially with their business. It touched my heart. WICS was my first thought since their work helps so many organizations which means helping 1out of 5 people in the West Island. It is great to see that my example has influenced my boys to care about their community.They are making their Momma proud!!”

Work force offers a variety of landscaping services such as tree services, cutting, trimming, stump removal, hedge trimming, natural stone walkways and patios, Unistone refinishing or new instalments, garden prep and planting, grass cutting , spring and fall maintenance.  Visit them on Facebook at  or call (514)-886-9275

Beaconsfield,Yassa,Workforce,West Island Community Shares,WICS, Rhonda Massad