Beaconsfield medical practice considered nuisance by neighbours.


by Rhonda Massad

Gables Court in Beaconsfield is generally a quiet street with little traffic.  Last year a permit to practice medicine was granted by the City of Beaconsfield to a medical doctor to practice in her home as do many other enterprises on the same crescent that fall within the confines of the city bylaws.  Residents have come forth in protest of this particular business as they feel it has turned into a traffic nightmare reducing their quality of life and potentially decreasing their property value.

According to neighbour Elise Savard, the rotating traffic of up to seven cars begins somewhere in the afternoon and last well pasts 8 p.m.

“I do not believe this is within the spirit of the outdated bylaw outlined by the City,” Savard said, “This is not a small practice, this is a full commercial medical clinic with staff, deliveries and medical waste.  Cars are left idling with their lights shining into my living room all evening long. There are several other businesses on our crescent and we do not feel their presence on a continuous basis, this is not fair for the rest of us ”

Savard is considering contesting her $10,000 annual tax bill because if she should consider selling her home she will be forced to declare any commercial activity. 

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