Beaconsfield knitting shop inspires the community to knit for refugees


by Rhonda Massad

Paola Lebrun and her partner Cathy Lafleur owners of Le Coin Artisanal in Beaconsfield, took an initiative to welcome the syrian refugees by joining the Facebook initiative called 25,000 Tuques. In only a few weeks more than 10,000 fans have been added to the page and tuques are being knitted and donated from all over the country.  Photos and notes are posted to the Facebook page.

The initiative was inspired by every new born in Canada receiving a tuque at birth. 

“The idea is to knit a hat, though we have not said no to purchased ones, attach a welcome note to the hat and deliver it to our shop in Beaurepaire village in Beaconsfield,” Lebrun said, “so far we have more than 25 hats in a very short time.”

The note can be in any language that would make the person feel welcome,” she continued.

Le Coin Artisanal opened its doors in the spring of 2011 to inspire individuals of all ages. On Thursday evenings, knitters get together to knit and chat, while quilters, needle-felters and other artisans all have a room to join together in their common crafts. Children are welcomed on Friday afternoons to craft. 

“We can show someone how to knit a tuque if they need help,” Lebrun added.Paola LeBrun


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