Beaconsfield and Kirkland can expect a largest increase in new MTL assessment roll

In the residential sector, the largest gains are concentrated in single-family homes with an average of 16.7%. For condos, it’s 8.7% and plexes, units with 2 to 5 units, 13.9%. The town of Mount Royal, Beaconsfield, Hampstead, Westmount and Kirkland are experiencing the largest increases, from 20 to 28%.  All of these cities are demerged.
The lowest increases are observed in the east of the island.

About the roll

The property assessment roll presents an inventory of all the property located across a municipality. An assessment roll is drawn up for each of the 16 reconstituted municipalities within the Montréal agglomeration. It contains a variety of information used to identify and describe the use and physical characteristics of each building. It also identifies the owner and indicates the value of each building, regardless of its nature, on the basis of its actual or market value. The assessment roll is used to calculate municipal and school taxes. It makes it possible to distribute the tax burden between real estate owners. A new assessment roll is tabled every three years in order to adapt to changing real estate market conditions and update the tax base for property.
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  1. Beaconsfield issued a communiqué this morning
    In it, Mayor Bourelle refers to a 2% increase in accordance with inflation, “for the local portion of the property tax”. He also indicates “reducing the mill rate” and then mentions that “some tax bills will be adjusted to inflation, while others will be slightly higher or lower”
    This is unclear and vague to say the least.
    I would suggest some further clarification on the matter; perhaps an illustration of the projected calculation could be given, to ease residents’ concerns.
    I have emailed the Mayor’s office directly as well with my comments.
    Cristina Molinari-Farina (1 Kirkwood)


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