Beaconsfield council to up their salaries by 33% while Kirkland anticipates 9% increase


By Rhonda Massad

Beaconsfield and Kirkland councils hope to increase their annual salaries in the coming months. Both cities have mayors are in their elected second mandates and retired from the traditional workforce, while their councillors are expected to work on a part-time basis serving their constituents.

Despite Beaconsfield having used a million dollars of surplus/savings last year to pay off the agglomeration tax imposed under Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante’s first budget in 2018, the council has proposed more than a 40% salary hike for the second time since 2015.

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Kirkland and Beaconsfield both pay more than 50% of their total annual revenue to the Agglomeration Council of Montreal. The agglomeration portion representing about $22 million out of about $40 million for Beaconsfield last year, a city operating on a primarily residential tax base while Kirkland paid more than $29 million out of about $60 million with a more diverse income source coming from industrial, commercial and residential tax contributions.

Kirkland council has also proposed a salary hike for mayor and council to take effect on January 1,


  1. Kirkland elected officials are set to receive a 9.3-per-cent increase.

Beaconsfield Mayor Bourelle’s salary will increase by $23,000, from $46,000 to $69,296. Beaconsfield councillors are also going to enjoy the hike to the tune of close to $5,000 each with an increase of $5,000 to their non-taxable allowance. This is the second major hike since 2015 when the council voted a raise of 40% for both mayor and councilors alike.

Mayors that sit on Montreal committees are also paid to attend agglomeration committee meetings.  This regional remuneration is not set by Beaconsfield or Kirkland council.

Kirkland’s last pay hike was in 2015 where the mayor got a raise in pay of $3,000 while councillors walked away with an additional $1500. Kirkland Mayor’s salary will increase by $4,593, from $49,384 to $53,977.

Both Mayors are capped out for their non-taxable allowance that remains at $16,595 for a total Mayoral remuneration of $70,752 in Kirkland and $85,891 in Beaconsfield. Mayors that sit on Montreal committees are paid an additional amount up to about $10,000.

According to the 2016 census, the population of Beaconsfield hovers around 19,000 while Kirkland is just over 20,000.

Beaconsfield and Kirkland councils hope to vote in their new pay in the coming months.