Beaconsfield Council questions leaf blowers one more time


By Rhonda Massad

While leaf blowers can be annoying when you sit down to that long-awaited summer BBQ so can mowers, diggers and pretty much any of the noisemakers used to maintain a property in the suburbs. Beaconsfield council is aiming at leaf blowers with another survey of residents to be conducted by Leger and Leger. The first survey was done only two years ago in 2016. The results then were not to ban leaf blowers.

“I am as eco-conscious as is possible and try to respect the peaceful environment of my neighbours,” said Lynn Aboud in a letter to Councillor Karen Messier. “The city already has in place the necessary noise restrictions to ensure that this peaceful environment is maintained. When the city has roadwork to do or underground water lines to replace, this causes major noise and dust. Are these same people going to demand restrictions on the city as well? Where does it end? The city should not be caving into the extreme demands of a few extremists when they represent an entire community.”

“The by-law will not be adopted and will not be resubmitted,” said District 2 Councillor Karen Messier in a report by Your Local Journal in 2016, after the last time this issue was brought forth to council.

Leger and Leger have been calling residents this week, with landlines for the second time to ask them several questions including, what language is spoken at home and what are the ages ranges of family members.

A debate has once again ensued among residents leading to a resident survey being offered on the local Facebook group Beaconsfield Neighbours for Neighbours.  (survey result can be reviewed here)

“The Beaconsfield Environmental Committee (BEAC) is off the plate. What is next? Banning lawn mowers? Bush trimmers? Sports cars? Motorcycles? Planes? Boats? Talking about excessive noise, isn’t it funny that they have not proposed a total ban on music broadcasts in backyards !!! Instead of banning the use of leaf blowers, the City would be better advised to strictly regulate their use exclusively in a very short time window every week,” said a member of the group.

More than 75% of the 100 people polled on the resident survey showed that people felt Beaconsfield council should focus on more important issues and did not consider leaf blowers one of them.

Several residents did feel that the use of leaf blowers should be limited to daytime hours with a stricter policy on weekends. While some felt leaf blowers should be banned completely.

“My neighbour is using his leafblower 7/7 from May to November. Costs me thousands of dollars in psyc and chiropractor because of the stress caused by this high pitch machine from hell. This is not bull@#$. Sometimes it is a real health situation. Not a minor thing,” said one member of the Facebook group.

Landscaping and service companies that service the area have weighed in on the issue and plan to attend the public council meeting tonight, Monday, April 23 at 8 p.m.

“As far as I can tell this is mainly directed at landscapers but with companies like mine and homeowners caught up in it,” explained Adam Robertson from Adam’s Eaves who services 324 Beaconsfield residents. “So many citizens have expressed frustration and anger at the city for bringing this up again and eating time and money ( they have paid for telephone poll once in 2016). They are tired of being told exactly what they can do on they own property.”


  1. Are the leaf blowers the issue or the lack of civility. The era of me and only me that matters is the real issue. Since respect for your neighbours is of no concern for those who cause the problems a nuisance by-law should be reviewed and enforced.


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