Beaconsfield committee votes 4 stories


by Rhonda Massad

Contrary to repeated attempts over the years to change zoning to four stories in many areas of Beaconsfield, a recent report released on the citie’s website, says four stories at the former “Le Club” site on Elm and Alton is a good thing.

On the heels of yet another registry knocking out plans of development at the old Esso Station site on Beaureparie, the Land Use Development Committee (LUDC), made up primarily of residents (see list below), was formed early this year to give council a better grasp of the wants and needs of residents with respect to the future development, densification, usage of land in the city.

After months of consultation and discussion, the committee’s final report addresses many of the sticky political issues facing the past, present and future councils.

According to Beaconsfield Councillor and committee president, Wade Staddon, the committee voted unanimously in favour of the original proposal made by K.F. Construction which included a four-story condo project at the site of the former “Le Club West Island”. The projected height would match the current height of the sports complex that has been active for the past 40 years.

Senior resident Mike Purvis agrees with the committee on four stories.

“I never did understand the bias against densification especially as it pertains to seniors who would like to remain in the community,” Purvis questioned. “when they can no longer handle a single family home. Even though Beaconsfield recently claimed to be senior friendly, it is not. With the exception of the apartments built by the church in Beaurepaire, there is nothing for seniors to downsize to. “

Another sore spot for the city was the vacant lot at Sunrise as well as the 20% of Angell Woods along Elm that has not been designated conserved by Montreal with the rest of the woods. The LUDC suggested that the lots remain vacant until such time that the traffic issues are rectified at the Woodland train crossing.

“There was no point in going over options for any development for this area,” Staddon confirmed, “given that the recommendation was to leave it alone until the current traffic issues are improved.”

The Lord Reading Yacht Club’s (LRYC) lease will run out shortly after the next election next year, in November 2017, making it a worthy topic for the LUDC.

“The LRYC was much discussed and ran the full range of ideas,” he explained. “The consensus was that the majority of people we heard from during consultations, wanted it to be public and given Beaconsfield’s low water access, we agreed with that.”

“There were all kinds of ideas floated from the public and from within the committee, but we came to the conclusion that it was not our job to design its specific uses and speculate on their costs,” he said. “Retention of the boating infrastructure and access for boating was one of the preferred designations seen for the site – beyond that, it went in all directions. Doubtless, this will be a major issue for the next Council, when the current lease expires.”

For a closer look at the 23 page LUDC report visit

Members of the Land Use Development Committee are: Wade Staddon, Beaconsfield Councillor and committee president, Bob, Benedetti, former mayor of Beaconsfield, Carmen Boisvert, resident, Libby Broady, resident and real estate agent, Gabrielle Cloutier, resident, Al Gardner, resident and President of the Beaconsfield Citizens Association, Marie-Hélène Gauthier, resident and Association for the Protection of Angell Woods member, Maryse Lafontaine, resident, Scott Pelletier, resident, Sam Watts, resident, Alena Ziuleva, member of Table de Quartier Sud-Ouest de L’Ile.



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