Beaconsfield business grows from a childhood hobby


by Rhonda Massad

Beaconsfield residents Brandon Ranaldi and Justin Szekely started working on building projects at the tender ages of ten and eleven years old.  They were well matched friends who preferred the outdoors to video games and now find themselves with a full blown summer career of deck and shed building and general contracting.

“We used to take our bikes to Rona on St. Charles from Beaconsfield to get our supplies, so we made sure we were very accurate with what we needed, a mistake would mean another trip on our bikes to Rona,” Szekely explained.Ace of Decks

Now 17 and 18 years old, studying sciences at John Abbott their business has blossomed into a seasonal business that took on 14 jobs of various sizes last summer.

“Some of our repeat customers have seen us arrive on our long boards and now we drive up in cars, it is pretty special,” Ranaldi explained.

According to the boys their jobs have varied in sizes over the years from decks to full blown pool sheds finished on the inside like a regular home.

“Our first client that kick started it all and trusted us with multiple projects was a couple who are both entrepreneurs themselves,” the young men explained. “We built two sheds for them and refinished their basement. They trusted us to learn a lot as we were going along. They played a big role in our growth.  We built them a rock climbing wall in their basement.”

Both young men had a message to readers wishing to start their own businesses:

“I say start with what you know, every time you start a project learn from your mistakes,” Szekely explained. “Be straight with your clients if you don’t know something. If you take your time and plan it out right you can get stuff done right on the first try.”

“If you are going to start your own company do something that you love,” Ranaldi said, “something that you would do as a hobby.  This is our passion we are so happy to go to work. We can’t wait to start each project. We put so much of our selves into our projects.” 

Szekely and Ranaldi have registered their company and created a website .Ace of Decks


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