Beaconsfield Bike Safety Day- fun for the whole family


By Rhonda Massad

Were you wondering what the golden bikes were doing on strategically placed municipal poles in Beaconsfield.  I was…..

Beaconsfield will be hosting B2K BIKE SAFETY DAY at Windermere park this coming Saturday, May 28, from 10-2.  The idea is to get families out on their bikes and promote cycling as a safe, sustainable and fun way to get around. 

There will be four main stations to keep bikers engaged.

A station to check your helmet.

Another station where police will give a mini cycle safety course for children.  Here the kids will practice practice riding techniques and navigating obstacles in a fun, safe enclosed bike loop. Perfect for kids 7-12 years developing their cycling skills and who are ready to ride on their own.

Still another station to do the basic mechanical checks.  Team Golden, Beaconsfield’s local bike shop, will check your bike’s ABC’s.  Air, Brakes and Chain to make sure you are ready to ride.

The last station will be an easy bike ride on the secondary streets in the neighbourhood. 

There will also be PIT stop activities such as healthy snacks, chocolate milk and ice cream treats, bling for your Bike, face painting ($2) and SPVM Bicycle etching (ID required).

Participants who complete activities at all four stations have a chance to win a children’s bike valued at $900. Other prizes will be drawn every 30 minutes.

The only condition is that all children must be accompanied by an adult, all riders must wear a helmet and all participants or their parents must sign a waiver.

See you there!!!!


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