Beacon Hill Elementary School plants 1000 tulips for Canada’s 150th


by Rhonda Massad

There was nothing cuter than watching the Beacon Hill Elementary student assembly dressed in red and white, some with crowns adorning the Canadian Flag while they listened carefully to how their school had been chosen to plant a special tulip garden to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The children sang the National Anthem with heart. It was moving.Beaconsfield, Gabrielle Cloutier, Beacon Hill School, Rhonda Massad, Tulips, Canada 150, West Island Blog,

Director General of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Michael Chechile explained to the children how tulips were a symbol of friendship. He also had every child hold their arms up and show how the tulips will look standing tall come spring.

“The tulip is one of my favorite flowers because it comes back every spring and the two colors we are planting are red and white,” Chechile shared. “Red representing love and white for respect. Because it comes back, every year, it continues to grow that love and respect.”

Principal Susan Hamblin explained to the children that 1,000 tulips, 500 red and 500 white were to be planted by the students in the shape of a Canadian flag on the first clear day.

“In spring of 2017, we will gather again to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada,” Hamblin said. “We are going to celebrate our blooming festival for Canada’s birthday so everyone at school and in the community can enjoy our garden.”

As promised, the following Monday showed weather suitable for planting tulips in the sizeable grid created by Beacon Hill parent Dave Cloutier.

“We know exactly where to plant what,” said Gabrielle Cloutier,President of the Beacon Hill Home and School. “The grid works much like the game Battleship and will have the country’s flag blooming proudly come spring.”

Each child in the school was given a bulb to plant in the celebratory garden. Parents were on hand to guide the children to the proper hole in the grid. Beacon Hill is known for being a community within the City of Beaconsfield. Thank you for sharing this experience with West Island Blog readers.

Beaconsfield, Gabrielle Cloutier, Beacon Hill School, Rhonda Massad, Tulips, Canada 150, West Island Blog,


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