BBC Orders Las Vegas Eatery to Cancel Unauthorized ‘Bluey’ Event Amid Parent Outrage


In an unforeseen twist of events, BBC Studios has pulled the breaks on a Las Vegas eatery’s efforts to rectify a notorious faux pas. Dirt Dog, a modest fast-food joint nestled off the Las Vegas Strip, has been handed a stern cease-and-desist order, halting its plan to hold an unauthorized event involving the beloved character “Bluey” from a hit animated children’s show on Disney+.

The restaurant had drawn international attention and stirred up quite a controversy with a promotional gimmick that immensely let down an estimated 3,000 individuals a few weeks past. As part of the unauthorized exploit, Dirt Dog had announced a “meet Bluey & friends” event, tapping into the popularity of the Australian cartoon featuring a vibrant Blue Heeler puppy.

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However, the visitors, tethered to the end of a serpentine queue, under the scorching Las Vegas sun, were instead greeted by a man donned in a crude dime-store onesie and a flimsy, clearly visible dog-poop bag masquerading as a mask. Far from the whimsical world of the animated series and the lovable spirit of true Bluey, the experience was a jarring jolt.

Undeterred by the fiasco, the restaurant announced a do-over on May 11, assuring an appearance by a “real” Bluey. However, that pledge has now been overturned, courtesy of the cease-and-desist order from BBC Studios, the licensor of the animated series.

The court order, which was uncovered by Las Vegas’s KVVU-TV, stipulated that Dirt Dog must cancel all proposed BLUEY DAY events henceforth and permanently refrain from any activities or product offerings linked in any way to the BLUEY brand image or any characters therein.

Social media has been afire with disgruntled parents sharing their rage against the eatery. One user voiced indignation over the poor-quality costume and Dollar Tree decorations, blaming Dirt Dog for ruining his 3-year-old’s day. Another chimed in, expressing her child’s disappointment and promising to boycott the establishment in the future. The comments are as biting and unforgiving as the roasting sun in the Nevada desert, echoing a collective seething from a community of disenchanted parents.

In the face of such unrelenting censure, Dirt Dog’s ambitions to hold a second Bluey day now seems unlikely. It appears that the Las Vegas restaurant’s endeavor to undo its blunder has been thwarted, leaving a trail of angered parents and disappointed children in its wake. The final verdict, it turns out, came not from the court of public opinion, but from the official court order, putting a definitive end to the Bluey blunder.